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Products and Services

Public Trust provides a wide range of services designed to support you and your family by providing security and peace of mind. Whether you’re starting out, starting again or winding down, our specialist experts are here to help. We also provide services to businesses and other organisations too.

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Why making a Will is important

Making a plan for what happens after you die is the best way to help ensure that the people and things you love are looked after. It’s easy to create your will online with Public Trust and can make the process of managing your passing less stressful for your family.

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When someone has died

In the wake of a loved one’s passing it can be difficult to know what to do, where to go for help, or how to manage the many tasks and costs of distributing their possessions. There are multiple ways that Public Trust can help when someone has died.

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Enduring power of attorney (EPA)

If an accident or illness prevents you from managing your own affairs, or you simply want someone else to take responsibility on your behalf, an enduring power of attorney (EPA) puts decision-making in the hands of someone you can trust. There are two kinds of EPA you can set up. One if for property and one looks after your personal care and welfare. You can also learn more about managing someone's property and finances as a property manager.

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Trusts allow you to support the people or causes you care about the most, now and into the future. Our expert team can help you establish a trust which will serve you today and into the future, and can let you know the benefits of having Public Trust as a professional trustee of your trust.

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Tax services

If you’re already a Public Trust customer, we can also help you with filing your annual tax return. We take the hassle out of the process and help ensure you meet your tax obligations on time.

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If you are a Public Trust customer and we are already acting for you in certain situations, we can offer you savings and investment options to help you with your short and long term financial goals.

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