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Requests for Official Information

As an autonomous and self-funding Crown Entity, Public Trust is committed to transparency of government and the principles of freedom and availability of information under the Official information Act 1982 (OIA).

This guide sets out what information you can ask for, how to go about it, and what Public Trust is required to do in responding to your information request.

What information can I request?

How do I request information?

What information do I need to supply?

  • Your Name
  • Your Contact Address (email or Postal)
  • Details of the information you want
  • If possible, your Public Trust customer number

What information should I check before requesting?

How long will the process take?

Are there any costs involved?

What if I'm not satisfied with the process?

Proactive Release and Responses to OIA Requests

Public Trust is committed to proactively releasing official information and publishing responses to OIA requests which are of public interest.